Ice can be made in many shapes and types.  Each style of ice is appropriate for various applications.  Use this information to find ice machine cubers, flakers, or other models with unique forms patented by the manufacturers.


Full Cube (Full Dice, Medium Cube) – Traditional cube shape with relatively equal height, width, and depth.

Half Cube (Half Dice Cube, Small Cube) – Half of a cube, shaped like a pat of butter.  Smaller size means more ice, less liquid per glass.  Perfect for self-serve beverage dispensing.

Crescent Ice – Hoshizaki and U-Line are well-known for this type of ice.  Half moon shape, curved on one side.  Resists clumping, ideal for beverage dispensing applications.

Cylinder Ice – Hoshizaki’s Top-Hat cube, Ice-O-Matic or Scotsman’s Gourmet Cube, U-Line’s Clear Ice.  Manitowoc’s Octagon ice is similar in form and application.  Shaped like a small shot glass.  Crystal clear ice formed by eliminating air during the freezing process.  Adds elegant touch to beverages in fine dining settings, banquet and reception facilities.


Flake Ice – looks like small chips of ice in a variety of sizes, like what you find in snow cones.  Can be shaped and packed. Appropriate for use in food displays (seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables).  Ideal for healthcare applications since flakes are small and chewable.

Nugget Ice Makers

Nugget Ice (Manitowoc and Scotsman’s Nugget Ice, Ice-O-Matic’s Pearl Ice, Hoshizaki, Scotsman and U-Line’s Cubelet Ice, and Follett’s Chewblet Ice) – Smaller, sometimes rounded, spherical or cylindrical, sometimes irregular cube shaped chunks.  Chewable.  Cools drinks rapidly, high liquid displacement which means less liquid per glass.  Great for beverage dispensers.  Ideal for healthcare facility applications.

Brands  nugget ice maker  full cube  half cube  flake ice  pearl ice nugget ice  peral ice
ice-o-maticIce-O-Matic Gourmet Ice Full Cube Half Cube Flake Ice Pearl Ice
(Nugget Ice)
scomaScotsman Gourmet Ice Medium Dice Cube Small Dice Cube Flake Ice Nugget Ice
ManitowocManitowoc Octagon Ice
Full Dice Cuber
OR Full Dice Undercounter
Half Dice Cuber
OR Half Dice Undercounter
Flake Ice Cubelet Ice
AND Nugget Ice
HoshizakiHoshizaki Top Hat Ice Flake Ice Cubelet Ice
(“Sonic” Ice)
Crescent Ice
U-LineU-Line Clear Ice Crescent Ice
FollettFollett Chewblet Ice
(Nugget Ice)