Flake ice machine 4000kgs

Flake ice, also calls scale ice or granule ice, is a type of ice that directly made from fresh water or seawater at -7 Celsius degree, with shape of thin flat flake (ice scales, ice chips). The flake ice is mainly used in the commercial fresh maintenance, pelagic fishing and concrete cooling industries.


Why Flake Ice

  • Directly formed at low temperatures, ice at -7 Celsius degree.
  • Ice flakes are dry, clean, sanitary and convenient for use.
  • Relatively big contact area and good mobility ensure fast cooling effect.
  • The flake ice machine is small in dimension, light weight and convenient for use anytime and anywhere.

Product Range & Application

The commercial range flake ice machines produces ice between 500 and 5000 kgs/24 hours. You can find this machine in supermarkets, butcher factories, meat stores, fish shops, kitchen as well as some cold storage industry.

How Flake Ice Machine Works

As shown, ice blade, water spray pan, principle axis and water receiver pan are driven by reducer and run slowly counterclockwise. The water flows into water distribution pan from the water inlet, and then sprinkles over on the ice freezing surface evenly through water distribution tubes, becoming water film.

The water is fed into flake ice generator (ice evaporator), from which the heat exchange happens and water is evaporated into ice. The flake ice evaporator/generator is in shape of a cylinder drum. Water is first introduced into water distribution tray that on top of the ice cylinder, from which water is distributed by distribution tubes to inner wall of cylinder drum. The water distribution tubes and ice scraper blade are fixed to a rotating principle axis. When the principle axis is driven by motor reducer, the water distribution tubes and ice scraper are in movement of rotation around ice drum.

The ice generator drum has a structure of two sides walls, with an empty middle channels, in which the refrigerant is circulating. When water is sprayed onto the inside wall of the ice evaporator drum, a water film is formed.

Water film has heat exchange with refrigerant in the refrigerant channel and its temperature quickly decreases till forming a layer of thin ice in ice freezing surface. Under the extrusion of ice scraper, the thin ice layer turns into ice flake and then falls down by gravity.

Features Of Mello Commercial Flake Ice Machines

  • Build For Easy Operation!
  • Build For Less Maintenance!
  • Build For Safety!
  • Build For Durability!
  • Build For Stability!
  • Build For Quality!
  • Build Only For YOU!

We aim at producing flake ice machines of long durability and stability. Every parts of our flake ice machine is made of high grade material. None of our ice machine falls short of the international standards of the HACCP & FDA. We are capable of offering you the best solutions to customize in your own ice requirements. We are now supplying flake ice machines to global customers with high quality ice machines and dedicated services.

Mello flake ice machines work safe and stable, and easy to maintain. The flake ice is formed at low temperature and capable of being applied in different occasions. With its high accumulated energy, the ice lasts longer to preserve food. Besides, the shape of ice flakes will not damage the surface of refrigerated objects but help cool with a large surface area.

Model   FK4T-W2G
Power supply   380V/50, 220V/60Hz
Refrigerant   R22 or R404A
Temperatures Ambient temperature   35C/95F
Water inlet temperature   20C/68F
Operating power Total Kw 13.90
Reducer Kw 0.37
Water pump Kw 1.50
Capacity Ice Production Kgs 4000
Ice bin(optional) Kgs To Be Confirmed
Compressor Manufacturer   Bitzer
Refrigeration capacity Kw 23.4
Operating power Kw 11.81
Compressor COP/EER Kw/kw 2.07
Horse power Hp 20
Ice maker cm 170×90×120
Cooling tower cm φ117×195
Feeding pipe inch 1/2
Operation weight Flake ice maker Kgs 1000
Cooling tower Kgs 260


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