We are a professional manufacturer of ice machines, other refrigeration equipment and other seafood (shrimp/fish) processing equipment. Most of our products are tailor-made to our customer’s specified demand. But for the confirmed equipment, which includes commercial cube ice machine, portable ice make, crushed ice machine, flake ice machine and ice cream machine, in the peak season, we do keep some of these equipment in stock.

Shipping Lead Time

For international sales, we do not promise same day shipping. Because even we have stock product, we still need time to prepare shipping documents and contact with shipping forwarder. At most convenient situation, we will deliver the ordered goods in 7 days when the purchase order is initiated.

In case that we don’t have the ordered goods in stock, we need time to manufacture it. For commercial cube ice maker, portable ice maker, crushed ice machine, flake ice machine and ice cream machines. The shipping lead time is 15 days when purchase order is initiated. For other products, the lead time may be longer, for more questions, please consult Mello  Technology Ltd.


However, there are several factors that affect the shipping lead time.

  • Power standards. The default (standardized) power for our machines is 1P/220V/50Hz or 3P/380V/50Hz. For any other power standards, we may need longer time to import the main components, like compressors, motors and pumps etc.

The non-standardized power includes: 1P/110~115V/60Hz, 1P/220V/60Hz, 3P/380V/60Hz, 3P/220V/60Hz, 3P/460V/60Hz.

  • Specified component. Under some circumstances, the buyer would like to appoint a specified brand of component parts, which might take longer time for us to purchase or import. The buyer shall fully recognise the risk of delayed delivery because of appointed components.
  • Late delivery of parts by the material supplier. Because of some other unpredictable reasons, the material or parts supplier may deliver the ordered parts at a time that late than expected due to their own reason.

4)  Any other unpredictable and uncontrollable condition beyond the manufacturer’s control.


Any dates quoted for delivery of the Goods are approximate only and the Supplier shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of the Goods unless being in delay more than two weeks from the agreed approximate delivery date and having received the Buyer’s written notification.

If the Supplier fails to deliver the Goods for a reason not beyond the Supplier’s control and not due to the Buyer, the Supplier shall pay to the Buyer a sum equal to 1% price of the delayed delivery for each week in delay up to maximum amount of 5% of the price of the delayed or non-delivered Goods, provided that the Buyer claims such amount within thirty days from the original date of delivery. This shall be Buyer’s only and exclusive remedy in case of delay in delivery or non-delivery.

The Supplier shall try their best to reduce the delay period, but shall not be liable for any delay that beyond their control, nor the cancellation of purchase order due to those reasons shall be taken by the manufacturer (supplier).