This information sheet is to support for all products and services Mello ice machines.
We start this section to improve the quality of our products and services. This section covers information and answers to questions that being frequently asked. It also described the structural description of our complete pre-sales and after-sales services.
We also welcome you to leave us your questions for the ice machine (any type or model), we will have our professional engineer to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Q1: I want to start a business of making ice, what factors should I put into consideration at the beginning? How do I prepare for one?

At first , there have several types of ice in the market for different uses. most commonly see flake ice , tube ice, block ice, and cube ice, each of which requires specialized ice machine for production. MTL manufactures and supplies complete range of ice machine, flake ice machine, tube ice machine, block ice machine and cube ice machine.
Then the production capacity of ice is the second factor that has to be confirmed . Usually depends on your local market demands, and ice storage capacity. It is always recommended to analyze the current ice factories in your area in the beginning. Or to start small-scale production , such as 1 ~ 3 tons/day, increase ice production to big in the future. Also we need to know your power supply, including voltage , frequency and phase in order to choose the appropriate compressor and motors. The ambient temperature and the inlet water temperature can help us with your system configuration.

Q2: What are the differences between R22 and R404A refrigerant?

R22 and R404A are two different types of refrigerant gas, they have similar performance, but are very different gas, they are not supposed to be misused in each refrigeration system. Gas R404A need a little more horsepower to be compressed, the R404A ice machine components usually has larger parts. R22 is the greenhouse gas that faces the elimination challenge, but has been banned in most advanced countries, and will be phased out in the world. Whereas R404A environmentally friendly alternative is allowed to be used in all countries and regions.

Q3: What if my power is not like your listed 380V/50Hz/3P?

MTL has a rich experience in handling these cases, especially can order these compressors, motors, electrical components directly from the manufacturer, in some cases we are going to airlift the goods directly from abroad if there has no corresponding components in China, the production cycle will be extended and the cost of the machine will increase as well.

Q4: Can I choose the preferred compressor brand and model for my ice machine?

Yes, MTL is one of the most active producers in the refrigeration industry in China, We buy large volume of compressors, parts and fittings for all the years, through these partner connections, we can always order any compressor brands with prices much lower, however, in normal cases, longer period of order is required.

Q5: What do I need for a turnkey ice factory?

For turnkey ice factory project, following parts should always be considered, ice machines, ice crusher, ice storage equipment and ice delivery system. Ice packaging machine may be needed for different applications. Also if the ice is for human consumption, water filter and water purification system is necessary.

Q6: What dimension should I choose for ice storage equipment? And how?

First to confirm the total amount of ice to be stored. Relationship between the normal ice storage volume/weight is 1 cubic meter by 0.45 tons. This calculation can easily find the size you need. MTL currently has two ice storage lines to choose from: small capacity of ice deposit bin and big cold storage assembly. For walk-in freezers, you can choose the cooling system too. Cold room that has no cooling system has maximum storage time of 3 days, in that case you have an ice inventory of three days .For the cold room with refrigeration system, the max storage time extends to a month.

Q7: How is the performance of the ice machine, if my location is in the hot area?

Temperature is the main factor affecting the performance and working for all cooling systems. MTL can design the ice machine and tune performance for your actual situation, such as the installation of the crankcase heater fan for modulating compressors and special standard capacitors in critical condition for ice production. About the condenser, water cooling type is suggested for general applications when the ambient temperature under 42 degrees Celsius for excellent cooling capacity and stability of the machine. The air condenser is simple, quiet and compact, however, in some high temperature conditions, performance decreases, and we have to adjust the system, the cost of the air-cooled ice machine is about 6% higher than the type of water-cooled machine. Evaporative condenser is widely used in extreme working conditions, it is also the most powerful and efficient cooling method and is abound 20% more expensive than the water-cooled machine.

Q8: What if I want to produce ice for human consumption, and my water quality is not good?

MTL has ice machines for human consumption, each of these machine comes with a single stage water filter. However, these filters are for filtering big particles in water. In order to make more hygienic water,water purifier is needed for this task. We can outsource water purification device according to the detailed requirements of our client.

Q9: Do I want to buy a generator for the ice machine, what capacity should I choose?

Please choose the generator, which is 2.5~3 times the total power on installing the ice maker. And the starting current increases 2.5~3 times the rate of power, and the provision for the protection of the compressor is needed.

Q10: How to clean the ice machine and ice evaporator?

All Mello ice machines are washable, we have designed the automatic self-cleaning program. Apply food-grade disinfectant in the water tank, just press the button, and the machine can be cleaned automatically!

Q11: What is the working life of Mello ice machine?

Mello ice machines are designed for use up to 20 years under regular maintenance and operational rules.

Q12: We are located in the coastal area, the ice machine will be corroded?

Mello Ice machines are finished with 3 coats of anticorrosive paint baked and hot galvanized steel, stainless steel, so corrosion to the machine will be evited.

Q13: How I can install the ice machine?

Mello ice machines and refrigeration systems require installation in different degrees of labor force participation, however, we applied the modular design concept in the range of all our ice machine and refrigeration systems, it’s very easy to install the machine according to installation manual, instruction video or online direct support. As an option, we can send our engineer to the instruction on the site, this is part of our service for free, but the rates of relevant visa, the roundtrip ticket, food, accommodation, communication, transportation, security should be the responsibility of customers.

Q14: Is there any guarantee?

All our ice machines and refrigeration systems are custom designed with 18 months warranty complete works. In normal use, when the machine breaks down due to defects or design flaws of the system during the warranty period, we provide you replacement parts free of charge. When the machine is broken due to damage caused by operating incorrectly, or violation of the instructions listed in the user manual, regardless of the validity of the guarantee, we supply replacement parts at a cost price.

Q15: How long can you start shipping?

Shipping lead time is about 25 working days (44 calendar days) after receipt of first money deposit. However, MTL also manufactures large refrigeration system and turnkey ice factory project, this larger system has a longer production cycle on individual cases.

Q16: Can I buy spare parts? Or where can I get spare parts?

For all Mello ice machines, we offer free accessories in the package, including pipes and closures. We also have parts that are able to cover the first 10 years of its operation.

Q17: Can I start the machine once I have it?

No, the compressor of the ice machine must be connected to power at least 4 hours so the crankcase can be heated automatically to a temperature which is 5 degrees higher than the ambient temperature for heating oil and lubrication.