Cube ice machine CM068

We (Shining Fish Technology Ltd.) manufacture a full range of modular cube ice machine designed for extremely simple operation and maintenance, with a commitment to reliability. Think of our cube ice machines as your silent partner, working 24 hours to provide high volumes of crystal-clear ice. Our widely popular cube/diced ice never goes out of style and is perfect for any application or occasion. Long-lasting cube ice machine is the right choice for a wide variety of uses.


The Mello stacked cube ice machine is specially designed for large quantity ice production. Ice-making capacities of 1500 kgs/3300 lbs and 2000 kgs/4400 lbs, superb operational efficiency and reliability with stainless steel construction. These ice maker machines produce the purest ice with the cleanest taste while saving time and energy which is important for any operation. This stacked type cube ice machines are perfect for any restaurant, bar, hotel, motel, convenience store, health-care facility and ice selling business.


 ◆Produces individual crystal clear diced ice (cube ice)

 ◆Resistant stainless steel construction

 ◆Advanced diagnostics computerized control

 ◆Durable electroless nickel plating on all evaporator plates, ensured reliability

 ◆24/7 consistent problem-free ice production

 ◆Stable and reliable performance

 ◆Available with remote air or water-cooled condenser

 ◆High efficiency, high production

 ◆Most cost competitive than other type of ice machines

 ◆Protection against phase deficiency, water shortage, full-ice.

 ◆CFC-free R-134a Refrigerant

 ◆CE certified

 ◆Power cord for quick installation

 ◆15 months manufacturer warranty

 ◆Accessory: scoop, single stage water filter, water feeding pipe, water drain pipe and legs.

Model Capacity
(24 hrs)
Storage Power
Electricity Refrigerant Condensation
CM068 2000 kg / 4400 lbs. 460 kg / 1000 lbs. 6500 3F/380V/50Hz R134a / R404a Air/water-cooled

Catalogue of Mello commercial cube ice machine CM067~CM068


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