Cube ice machine CB5T

When there has a large demand for ice, or to build a small ice factory to distribute ice to local stores, hotels, restaurant and etc. Mello cube ice machine CB5T will be a good choice for you. Mello cube ice machines CB5T produces 5000 kilos of transparent cube ice machines in 24 hours. The cube ice machine is a type of solid transparent ice in shape of square dice, also calls ice cube. We have two dimensions for this type of solid cube ice, one is 22*22*22mm and the other is 29*29*22mm. The solid ice cubes are a cool companion for beverage and drinks. It has a longer time to melt, odorless, and beautiful in shape.

With years of innovation, Mello cube ice machine CB5T has highly automatic control to generate ice, from water feeding to ice harvest, fully automatic control, no need human manipulation only when you want to pack the ice into bags. There has a self-contained stainless steel ice storage bin under the ice machine, and when the ice drops into the ice bin, the ice will be kept inside the storage bin unless the stored ice reaches to the full bin sensor, the sensor will pass signal to the PLC to stop the ice machine automatically.

In the ice storage bin, there has a horizontal ice screw conveyor to move the ice out. The ice conveyor is controlled by a pedal controller. The control of the ice conveyor is as easy as moving your finger, no, moving your toe to be exact. Mello cube ice machine CB5T also includes ice bagging function. At the ice outlet, one worker is needed to pack the ice into ice bags. So simple and easy to do that, you don’t need to spend one more dime to buy an extra ice bagging machine.

We strive to ensure the cube ice machine CB5T are among the strongest, withstand years of rigorous use. We are constantly working to improve efficiency, ruggedness, reliability of our cube ice machines to keep us ahead of competition.

The cube ice machine CB5T is designed to satisfy the varying needs of different industries and customers. Our commercial range of cube ice machine capacity varies from 1000 to 5000 kilos of cube ice per day, these models are self contained. Easy to transport and install, easy to operate and maintain.

We supply a perfect ice machine no matter what’s your need, if any of our many models does not suite your need we will gladly work with you to custom design a model that fulfill your requirements.

The Mello cube ice machine CB5T has too many functions that awaits you to explore it.

Features of Mello cube ice machine

– Highly efficient , less power consumption.

– Highly efficient, produce ice in cycle of 14~18 minutes.

– Integrated structure design, save much space.

– High quality stainless steel material, guaranteed hygienic ice.

– Automatic control, no need human intervention.

– Consistent stable performance.

– Long durability.

Parameters Specification
Name Cube Ice Machine
Model CB5T-W2S
Daily capacity 5 tons/day
Weight 1600 kg
Measurement Cube ice machine Machine:289 x 178 x184 cm
Cooling tower:  Ф162 x 189 cm
Cube ice 22 x 22 x 22 mm
Noise 55dB
Evaporating temp. -15℃
Condenser temp +40℃
Necessary cooling capacity 25.85 Kw



Model Semi-hermetic piston compressor
Manufacture Bitzer (Germany)
Amount 1
Capacity 39.30 Kw
Power of cooling tower motor 1.5 Kw
Power of cooling water pump 2.2 Kw
Power of circulating water pump 0.55 Kw
Control system PLC micro-computer control
Cube ice weight density 500~550 Kgs/m3
Power consumption 80~85 KWH / ton of ice


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