Are you looking for a crushed ice maker? They are definitely a cool purchase ahead of the summer months for your kitchen or bar but, with so many different variants available, it can be difficult to make the right choice.

Hopefully, we can help.

Find the correct crushed ice machine for your needs

Your first consideration, when choosing a crushed ice machine, is how much ice you need to be created on a daily basis.

Answers will differ hugely. These requiring a crushed ice maker for commercial use – like a bar, restaurant, café or night club – will be drawn towards the larger devices on the market, however, such a hefty machine would probably be overkill for residential use.

From making cocktails to producing tasty fruit smoothies and from ice cold coffee-based drinks to adding a cool touch to a soft drink, crushed ice, and thus crushed ice machines, have a number of uses in a modern food and drink establishment.

And yeah, we know that you can make ice in a freezer but that is quite a laborious task that fails to give ice on demand like a dedicated crushed ice machine. Similarly, bags of ice can be bought from most supermarkets but, well, the quality isn’t the same as producing your own fresh ice cubes tailored to your own size requirements.

That’s another area in which a crushed ice machine can be an asset. With so many ice-based drinks available, from alcoholic strawberry daiquiris to fruity smoothies, having a device that can produce crushed ice, instead of the traditional chunky cubes, is a real asset.

Commercial applications for a crushed ice machine

While crushed ice machines for the home have grown in popularity in recent years, it is typically pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes and delis that have the most demand for a dedicated ice machine.

This is especially true in a stylish cocktail bar. In such establishments, especially at peak time on a Friday and Saturday night, the demand for ice is huge, making a crushed ice machine a necessity rather than a luxury.

Crushed ice machine for creating cocktails

One of the most popular cocktails is the Mojito, and this tasty Caribbean-based drink is one of the many cocktails that make use of crushed ice.

To make a mouth-watering Mojitio takes time, skill and good ingredients, here are some pointers:

First, take two of the sprigs of mint and place them into a tall glass. Then, lightly crush the mint around the inside of the glass to release the flavours.

Next, add two tablespoons of white sugar, the juice of half a lime and stir. Then fill the glass with ice from your crushed ice machine.

Now you can add the alcohol – a generous shot of rum – and fill the glass with soda water and stir.

The final step is to take a sprig of mint and roughly rip the leaves off. Use this as a garnish along with a slice of lime to top it off.

The Mojitio isn’t the exception, the majority of cocktails take time to prepare so you can see how a crushed ice machine can dramatically reduce the time required to prepare customer’s drinks.