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Built-In Ice Makers: Perfect for Boating, Traveling, or Relaxing at Home

Built-In Ice MakersSummer’s here and many of you will be entertaining. The perfect accessory for summer activities is a built-in ice  maker. Built-in ice makers are designed to fit under counter spaces. They’re a convenient option to a full size refrigerator too. Like a full size refrigerator, compact built-in ice makers require a water line; however, their compact size makes them convenient.

Small enough to fit in most any available space, finding a place for a built-in ice maker is easy. They provide fresh ice in a quick, efficient manner. And they make entertaining easy too! There’s no shortage of ice with a built-in ice maker, keeping you, your family, and guests well supplied.

Built-In Ice Makers: Perfect for any Occasion


If you own a home bar, a built-in ice maker is a necessity. You’ll always have ice on hand, and if you need to make ice unexpectedly, it will be ready in minutes.

Planning a party? A built-in ice maker provides all the ice you need. Preparing beverages has never been simpler. Sitting poolside? Built-in ice makers are perfect for poolside bars. There’s no need to run in and out of the house to get ice. Not only will a built-in ice maker complement your poolside bar, it will give you the means to provide family and friends with fresh ice without delay.

Relax and enjoy the sun. Spend time with family and friends. You don’t have to leave your guests to get ice from the refrigerator. Simply reach under the bar, all the ice you need is readily available. Built-in ice makers accessorize home bars perfectly. Whether your home bar is indoors, outdoors, or both, a built-in ice maker stores enough ice to keep the party going.


Traveling in your RV? Install a built-in ice maker before you go. Built-in ice makers are perfect for RV traveling. Because built-in ice makers are compact and fit in small spaces easily, they don’t take up a lot of room. Maintain plenty of cabinet space, and enjoy fresh ice on the go! You won’t have to stop to buy ice, so there won’t be any ice bags to take up freezer space.

No matter where you’re traveling or how long you’ll be on the road, you and your family will enjoy ice cold beverages. Built-in ice makers are ideal for camping or traveling across the country. Installing a built-in ice maker in your RV can make your outdoor adventure a carefree experience.


Like summer boating? A built-in ice maker is a great option for your boat. Most boats are short on space. And because space is limited, there aren’t a lot of storage options. Since built-in ice makers are small, they’re the perfect boater’s accessory.

Plan on entertaining? A built-in ice maker makes preparing your favorite beverage easier than ever. Not only is the ice conveniently stored, it will supply you and your friends with fresh ice throughout the entire day.

There’s no need to stop and buy ice bags on your way to the dock. Utilizing a built-in ice maker will make planning your next outing an easy, trouble-free experience.

Why should you Invest in a Built-In Ice Maker?

  • Fits in small spaces easily
  • Provides ice in a quick, efficient manner
  • Ideal for home bars, boats, and RV’s
  • Cost effective option, eliminating the need to buy ice bags
  • Makes entertaining family and friends easy

Built-in ice makers are convenient; ice is easily accessible. Planning outdoor events and supplying your guests with the ice they needs is a simple matter. So no matter what your plans are this summer, a built-in ice maker is the perfect accessory. Sitting poolside, boating, or traveling in an RV, an ice cold beverage is within easy reach.

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